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your dvr. record "hannity" the series. each weeknight at 10:00. thanks for being with us. hope you have a great weekend. we'll see you back here next week. the record. stone walled. memory loss at the white house. >> this was like two years ago. >> dude, really? on the record searches for answers in benghazi. >> plus union thugs intimidating care takers of the disabled. one woman taking her fight to the supreme court. >> i don't want to be forced to join a union. >> and you can't miss this. ivanka trump on the record tonight. >> that first big development in benghazi. speaker of the house john boehner announcing the house will form a select committee to investigate the benghazi atta s attacks. also the oversight committee announcing it will subpoena secretary of state john kerry.
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good evening, sir. >> good evening, how are you? >> good. what do you think about this select committee? >> i'm glad the speaker did it. i had called for it several months ago despite the pact that i'm on one of the committees of jurisdiction. i think 20 months is too long to get answers to questions and i think with the ben rhodes memo that was the straw that broke the camel's back with respect to the speaker. not only are we trying to get questions with respect to benghazi we're also investigating what appears to be a white house cover up and one of the worst explaza magss for why they din turn the document over is i think the speaker just finally lost his patience. i'm glad he did what he did. >> what difference does this make? how does this make a big difference in the investigation? >> well, instead of having the department of defense with armed services -- i mean, we were so pigeon holed or fragmented. foreign affairs has jurisdiction
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over the state department. armed services over the department of defense. oversi oversight fills in the gaps. if you want to have them all sitting at the same table, you need a committee that has the power to do that and a select committee would have the power. it crosses all jurisdictional boundaries. you have subpoena power and you can work in a really coordinated effort and, you know, i think our chairmen have done the best job they can do but you have a tendency to stick within your own and we need somebody to cross the lines. we need the lines to disappear frankly. >> secretary of state john kerry has been subpoenaed by house oversight. why? >> well, greta, if you go back and read some of the old quotes and i know administration officials hate it when we go back and read what they said a year ago but a year ago he said with respect to benghazi if you're having any trouble getting information let me know.
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well, mr. secretary, we're going to let you know. we're not getting the information. this e-mail we should have gotten -- >> is it bureaucracy or hiding it? >> well, i have evidence that not only are they hiding it but there's an intent to hide it. i can't disclose that evidence yet but i have evidence that there was a systematic intention mall decision to with hold certain documents from congress and we're just sick of it. so we're going to get him to come explain why we're getting documents 20 months late. >> all right. are you going to be on this select committee? >> the speaker is going to make that decision. >> do you want to be? >> here's what i can tell you -- if he thinks i'm one of the best questioners in congress. what i told him today is you need to put the best questioners. the best investigators in congress on that select committee. i think jimmy jordan is great. the speaker can decide whether he thinks an old washed up
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prosecutor from south carolina is good or not but i'm going to help the committee regardless of what position if any i have. i will volunteer to be a summer intern because i want the family members of those four victims, each of whom i promised i will get you the truth, i want to be able to keep that promise. >> all right. congressman, i want to play a sound bite for you. this is president obama today answering a question about the crisis in ukraine and listen carefully, sir. >> the notion that this is some spontaneous uprising in eastern ukraine is by all the evidence of well organized trained, armed militias with the capacity to shoot down helicopters, generally local protestors don't possess that capacity of surface to air missiles or whatever weapons were used to shoot down helicopters. >> do you think he wants a do over on that or not? >> you know what, if you didn't
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know better you would think that he was a republican member of the house describing what happened in benghazi. the only thing he left out is the protestors were using densive moves, military moves that have to be trained. i am stunned that he said that about the ukraine when the evidence is just as good if not better with respect to the attack in benghazi. i'm sure he would like to rephrase that answer to the question. >> do you think his staff gasped? it is a description of benghazi that so many people said that the fire power on the ground in benghazi was significant power. wasn't just a bunch of fire crackers or something. >> i think his staff has been gasping a lot lately. when you have someone that's supposed to be a professional communications person sounded like that using the word dude and when you have them trying to say a memo was not benghazi when
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you produced it in response to a subpoena about benghazi. they have been gasping a lot this week. >> congressman, thank you, sir. if you hear any news about this select committee, do let us know. >> yes, ma'am. but you do the same. if you hear something you let me know, okay? >> i will, indeed. >> yes, ma'am. >> now the one the congressman just mentioned is from last night's special report. to say former white house spokesman down played the benghazi talking points controversy is a giant understatement. >> did you also change attacks to demonstrations in the talking points. >> maybe. i don't really remember. >> you don't remember. >> dude, this was like two years ago. >> dude, it's what everybody is talking about. >> so think about this one, in 2004, he was driving an obama campaign bus for the press. in 2012 as they were losing their lives being murdered he was in the situation room and
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the president was not. joining us our political panel, john, i wouldn't make that remark about he's not in the situation room, maybe he could be in the oval office. but the fact is that they haven't told us where he was. so even -- so it's a good question. >> so that's part of the big question. what exactly was the president doing the night of the attack? did we do everything we could to save these people. the other scandal on the other hand is did the administration mislead or high about a terrorist attack in order to further political or ideological narrative that suited their needs. i think the way he responded last night with the dude, it was so juvenile it almost seems as if he didn't understand the seriousness of the question. >> we had four people murdered and he's worried about dude, it was two years ago and the e-mail, if it was directed -- the rhodes e-mail was more
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worried about policy than dead people but that's what i thought. >> he didn't help the cause. the most interesting part of the interview was when he played the cia's testimony of saying we didn't blame this on the video and they said where did it come from? he said newspapers. someone decided to take what happened in a newspaper over our own intelligence. >> or the chief on the ground for the cia. >> dude. >> yes i only go by dude now. but it's a classic, again, if you're about doing communications strategy which is you're in a defensive position which is where tommy was the answer is to make it seem like not such a big deal. you guys are blowing this out of proportion. you guys are spending that much time on it. we aren't spending that much time on it. >> it's hard to win that battle when there's four dead people. if there's four people killed that day in downtown washington it would still be front page
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news in the washington post if it was unsolved. >> would it be. >> yeah. would be. >> but there's the sense at a this has been the white house contention on so many issues. it's not just dealing on this issue but everything else which is the media is going to turn something into this big side show. we're not going to get sucked into it. we don't want to be part of that narrative. we're just going to make it look like you guys are the problem. >> is it benghazi select committee any big deal? >> well, the democrats don't want it to be portrayed that way. harry reid said this is nothing but rekindling a bedunked right wing conspiracy theory. they want to portray it that way. who can it hurt the most? president obama isn't running again but hilary clinton might and she was secretary of state. what was she doing at the time? the sper view last night first
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came to my mind the 2008 campaign by hilary clinton. the 3:00 a.m. phone call. who is going to be ready to take that 3:00 a.m. call? the president wasn't even in the situation room during a major emergency. >> the 23-year-old aid who doesn't believe this is important at all. and there are four dead americans including the first ambassador killed since 1979. >> he said well it's just old news. i don't know why it happens in politics it's okay to give up the investigation and i think essentially that's where we're at. but let me ask you another question. i want to add tommy veitor and the interview is picking up steam online. i tweeted this, is bret baier changing his twitter name to dude and he said i think i'll leave it. next time carny uses bush as an excuse respond, dude, that was 5
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years ago. and tommy himself chiming in. no doubt that bret baier is a good dude. thanks for having me on. should he be the news dude from now on? >> i think the whole thing was what happened on social media. first the dude comment and then the throw back thursday. he made a comment that going on and talking about benghazi is part of the throw back thursday agenda and that is inappropriately making light of such a serious situation. this can only backfire. >> going to john's point too about -- well, both of yours about the select committee and what are they going to find? the bigger problem right now for the administration even though the president is not up, his party, and his approval ratings impact those on the ballot this year. when you look at and this is an old poll now and the last time the washington post asked the
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question do you think that republicans are raising a legitimate concern or is this just political posturing, americans were split. but when you asked do you think the obama administration is honestly disclosing what it knows or covering something up? 55% said covering up. that's the bigger issue right now which is the e-mail itself, the content of it is almost not as important as the fact that it looks like there were other e-mails there and that's what we're going to get into and that becomes a bigger problem for the administration. >> and i think what was really striking was how the interview last night really displayed how much hilary clinton was at the center. as the attack was on going she issued a statement citing the video. the weekend before susan rice went on the sunday shows she gave a speech as the four bodies were laying there and talks about this video. we know from the e-mails that the reason they massaged the talking points is there were concerns about policy and messaging from the state department leadership. who is that? hilary clinton and those closest
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to her. >> in the state of confusion and terrorism is a state of confusion, everyone is uncertain is once the dust settled is you still have president obama going on david letterman and going on the view and not explaining to joy when she asked about the video, they're still talking video. go figure. thank you. >> cheryl atkinson has been all over the story from the beginning. there's still a story to be told. >> do they want to talk? where are they? who is talking to them? why have we heard from them? >> we're trying to reach them and get them to come forward. i hear some are about to or want to and i do think there's still stories to be told from military officials. i have spoken to some of them who have some firsthand knowledge of events that took place that night and it's just a lot of pressure not to come forward. fear of doing so. fear of careers. fear of a will the of things.
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>> this is always to the point, the whole idea with the video and sort of dragging their feet providing information was that a political calculus because this was two months before the was up for re-election or was this just a giant blunder in a government? >> it's hard to say without documentation but if i were working the obama campaign 8 weeks before the election and i saw what looked to be north africa and this region blowing up at embassies in the middle east and north africa i would be concerned at how this was going to be portrayed or exploited by the opposition coming into the campaign and i would be working on developing strategies to mitigate that. i'm sure we can assume that happened. >> how about the families of the four killed. one mother is outspoken and terribly distressed. i'm sure the others were like wise but haven't been so vocal. are they still -- are they complaining or are they speaking out or are they grieving and
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dealing with their loss? >> i haven't spoken to any of them lately but two families in particular are desperately unhappy and feel like the promises to get to the bottom of it and chemothem informed haven't been full filled. ambassador steven's mother wants all of it to be put to rest and doesn't want it to be points higher lit si-- politizis ed. they don't want his death used as political football. >> she has written something and says to her it's about the white house using the intelligence community for its own political purposes and lying to the american public in order to win elections. it's about abuse of power and that's the big deal. rather them do it now as opposed to using it as an effort to maintain an election and the intelligence community. >> we do know another unanswered question is that the deputy cia director was working with the white house on revising the talking points in a way that he
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said would not embarrass the state department. he said the cia was trying to do in making some of its own disclosures. why would morell making changes to the talking point that differ with his then boss, why isn't the head of the cia doing this? why is the deputy director able to overrule him? why is the white house working with him on this effort to massively overhaul those talking points? i think there are a lot of unexplained things that we still need to know answers to. >> we both live in washington. if there are four unsolved murders in georgetown right now from september 11th, 2012 it would still be front page news at the washington post and other places. >> yeah, i think. >> this is not front page news. >> i would say regardless of the spin from the opinion blogs that get picked up and they're trying to counter this story because their surrogates are representing those they feel are being accused, despite that spin, a neutral look at this story will look at it as a very
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important story in history. when it's looked back upon and the journalist -- those of us that didn't cover it as aggressively as i think we should have won't be viewed kindly in a neutral view of history down the road. >> does the administration know who did it and where they are? >> they do know who did it and they do know where they are. >> why -- are efforts being made to get them? to pick them up or do something? >> they are -- it's my information they're waiting and they're waiting. there's sensitivities with, they feel, moving into another sovereign nation and taking actions that they feel could either put troops in danger or stir up even more trouble by doing so. i think they're trying to be very careful. their feeling is from what i understand, they think time is on their side. they will eventually get the people that were responsible. they don't have to rush it and they don't have to create a political crisis or put people in too much danger. >> shayrl, thank you very much.
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>> thank you. >> a mother that takes care of a disabled son taking on the union. why she's taking them to the supreme court, next. >> and next up, advice to president obama. he may not want to listen but he should. my advice off the record, of course. coming up. ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ she can print amazing things, right from her computer.
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a mother of a disabled child. the full time home health care giver of that child is taking on the union and the illinois governor. it all started when the governor issued an exec withdrew tif order making home health care workers state employees and eligible for union representation. that's when union organizers started pursuing her relent
11:22 pm
lesl lelesrelentle relentlessly. >> thank you for having me. >> your son is 27 years old and how disabled is he? >> he has a significant disability. he is 25 years old and has a rare genetic disorder which effects his cognition, his physical abilities as well as his emotional abilities. >> all right. so now you get some financial assistance from medicaid so that makes you a state employee and then once that happens suddenly there were unions at your door. is that correct? >> when governor quinn signed the executive order in june of 2009 he tried to declare us moms and dads state employees solely for the purpose of unionization without giving any state
11:23 pm
employees benefits or protection. and then he gave our names and our home addresses them and when asked for them, he gave them the list as well. this was how we learned of the executive order when they came knocking at our door. >> all right. now, why don't you want to be a member of that union? >> well, first of all, i firmly believe that not one cent of the medicaid funding intended to provide support for adults with developmental disabilities should be given to the union. i don't want it to be a union work place. i don't want a union contract between my son and i. >> you have taken this all the way to the supreme court and you're waiting for the supreme court to rule whether or not you have to be a member of the union. is that right? >> exactly. we have asked the supreme court to determine if governor quinn
11:24 pm
was wrong in trying to declare us state employees solely for the purpose of unionization. >> well, i hate to say -- i know how tough it is to take care of a sick family member and i regret that anybody has any added controversy. i hate to see you have to go through this as well pamela. we'll wait to see. the supreme court will make the decision by the end of june. we'll see what they'll do. >> that's right. thank you. >> thank you, pamela. >> up next, ivanka trump. you'll have to hear what this successful business woman has to say about the latest job news. on the record next. also i'll take you off the record. i have advice for president obama just in time for tomorrow
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well, you all know her. we know her. ivanka trump. she is an extremely successful
11:29 pm
business woman. unemployment rate dropping to 6.8%. but now the important question what kind of jobs are being created. according to the national employment law project there's more lower wage jobs han the prerecession higher paid ones. nice to see you. boy, that's grim news for people that lost their jobs and are having to go out and get jobs and they're lower paying. what do you think? >> i think it's a problem and it's evidenced by the numbers we're seeing in terms of even the 6.3%. i'm not sure that anyone is really smart enough to understand what that number means and how that number is being calculated and i have a feeling it's a whole lot higher than the 6.3%. but there's a big issue. there's a big issue that's happening where a lot of our talent is being deported out of the country. people who are getting educations, many young people i know, you know, it's not -- 20 years ago when people graduated from college they would have never thought to pick up and move to asia to work. now, you know, the next
11:30 pm
generation of americans are thinking about their opportunities around the globe in a very global context and there's a lot of people leaving and very talented people that are leaving because of the uncertainty of this country and because of the tax regimes that we're subject too and many of the other challenges facing young entrepreneurs as they're contemplating starting business. >> a more optimistic note. you do a lot of big projects and employ a lot of people. what are the projects you're working on. >> a lot. we have a hotel company that's the fastest growing hotel company in the world. we'll have hotels 2020. two of which are very exciting projects of ours that we have under construction now. the famous old post office building on pennsylvania avenue in washington d.c. which we are converting to a super luxury hotel with gorgeous ballrooms and banquet facilities that will be open in summer of 2016. we also are finishing off a
11:31 pm
renovation, $250 million renovation at the iconic resort in miami florida. so 800 acres right in the heart of miami. we have rebranded it. we have our hands full and tons of projects around the globe from rio to vancouver to china. >> you do a lot in the development part of the trump enterprise. what do you like most about your job? >> one of the things that's amazing about real estate development is that there are so many different skill sets you can bring. it's always interesting. there's the finance element of putting together a transaction. there's the acquisition component. the creative element of having a vision and bringing that vision to fruition and then i think for people that love development there's the tangible nature of it. this isn't trading stocks and bonds that you never actually touch and feel. this is building something that exists long after you. so one of the amazing things as we build hotels, we build golf
11:32 pm
courses, obviously very high end condominiums is you watch people using them and enjoying them after the fact and it's amazing. >> all right. >> go ahead. >> no, i was just going to ask you instagramed a picture of you having fun with your two children. they're not smiling. you're having fun with the picture. what happened. >> my daughter, i have to instruct her not to smile mord to get her to smile for a photo. with her everything is a negotiation and she's only two. >> joseph is a happy little baby these days. but we have fun. i love instagram but sometimes i forget that everyone actually sees it. >> i know, that's funny. let me ask you a question i always ask your father. is he going to run for president or do you want him to run for president? >> well, as an american, i would love for him to run for president. he is incredibly smart. incredibly knowledgeable. he has had tremendous
11:33 pm
experiences which would prepare him for the challenge. as a daughter, it's more complicated. obviously it's a very tough life and the political one is a challenge. but i think he would be a phenomenal president and one of the things that i think is key is he has strong viewpoints but he always listens. so i think that's something we don't see enough of in politics. he's always asking questions. he's always listening and always interested in what other people have to say. >> ivanka thank you. i hope you'll come back. you're a little hard to catch up with. >> thank you. any time for you greta. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> now it's time to show you what we are watching. we put together the most amazing pictures and videos out there tonight. take a look. a squirrel caught on camera going nuts. literally. it all started with a 17-year-old tourist visiting a park in florida. he started to take a selfie next
11:34 pm
to the squirrel but then the camera flashed and the squirrel got spooked and climbed on to the teen's shirt and hung on to his back. mow that's a selfie. >> and a time-out at a softball game. running on the field and stealing two players gloves. >> that's something you don't see every day. >> and he goes and gets gloves. >> now he's stolen the left fielder's glove. that's really something you don't see every day. >> he's wreaking havoc on this game. >> the dog giving back the gloves and running back to his owner. that's what we're watching tonight. if you want to see more of the videos we just showed you, i know you go, go online. >> but these photos creepy. but a clever photographer is sneaking into a deserted shopping mall for a reason. what story is he trying to tell about america's cities?
11:35 pm
he's here to tell you next. >> plus i'm going to talk to you off the record. i have advice for president obama. he may want to listen to it before the white house correspondent's dinner. i'll tell you what it is off the record of course. coming up.
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>> it's been tough. it still is. bustling centers of commerce turn into ghost towns. shopping malls becoming centers of crumbling cities in america's heart land. a photographer sneaking in to document the decay. what is he hoping to show with the unusual project. nice to see you. >> nice to be here, thank you. >> these pictures are absolutely stunning. give me a little idea. why did you take these? >> i started taking these a couple of years ago because i thought there was a big disconnect between americans and kind of the reality that surrounds them. i thought americans lived in a bubble and i wanted to show some of the most broken and abandoned
11:40 pm
parts of the country. and i started sharing them across my social media site like instagram and facebook and i got quite a response from it. >> what do you do? sneak into abandoned shopping centers and start shooting away? >> i shifted -- my first project was autopsy of america. i went all over to different buildings and structures, hospitals, homes. i wanted to focus on something that they would connect with more. i started to come across abandoned shopping malls and i thought that would be a real powerful symbol so i started doing that late in 2013 until just up until 3 or 4 weeks ago. >> is it hard to find subjects or is this every place you turn around with your camera there's another abandoned building that was decayed? >> it would almost seem that way sometimes. i go to some of the worst areas of the country and my city has been hit pretty hard, cleveland, as far as population loss, loss of manufacturing jobs over the
11:41 pm
last several years and even up in 2013 we're the only major metropolitan city that lost jobs in 2013. so it's been a challenge for us i think. >> what's hit you the hardest? when you go through these buildings and these houses? what's hit you the hardest? >> it's emotional for me. my father is a long time auto worker in the area. and to see the devastation, when you go to like gary indiana or even cleveland, detroit, it's emotional. i remember growing up at these malls and these structures where it was filled with people and a once thriving and vibrant economy just kind of shattered literally. so it's, you know, it's emotional for me. breaking down sometimes. it's hard to see. >> seth, these photos are just indescribable. they're unbelievable and tell such an incredible story. thank you for joining us. >> thanks greta, appreciate it. >> first white house press secretary getting flippant with the media about benghazi and now
11:42 pm
nancy pelosi and while she's at it, leader pelosi slamming the gop. >> benghazi, benghazi, you can sit around and talk about benghazi but the fact is that's what they don't want to talk about, jobs, growth, immigration reform, voting rights, you name it. >> is benghazi no big deal? >> look, i think if it's about the talking points, most of america has decided that they want to get to other things. but i also think the administration because of the way it drags this stuff out instead of just pushing all of these e-mails and stuff out like last year and getting them all out there has sort of let this happen this way. >> you know, the way the white house has handled this is sort of the flippant. especially the guy last night saying it's been two years. four people were murdered. it's like, let's not forget that and investigations are supposed
11:43 pm
to be aggressive until they get solved. it's like instead they're in defense mode. >> yeah and they're treating this like the partisan attack they see it to be. but the problem is the opposite of that given there are four americans that lost their lives and there's unanswered questions about why they weren't defended. >> i don't think they view -- it's still an open question about -- and i don't really view the talking points as a big issue. nine or ten or 15 days or a month later, whatever day it was, the president said benghazi was an act of terror. they were wrong. >> do you know, it was bizarre. and i think that's what stick with people. what was the point. there are four dead bodies. it's terrorism and they were all singing this other tune about some video and it's just bizarre. >> i agree with that. >> what i'm saying is the real issue here is why did an
11:44 pm
ambassador have little or no real security in a place like lybia or septembn september 11t >> that goes back to the august 16th classified cable that catherine harris reported on. >> that's all i'm trying to say. for me, i really wish that that was where the focus is. the focus on the e-mail from rhodes where he got an e-mail from the cia deputy director a few hours earlier. it's all like -- i don't know who did those talking points or why, but i really think it's kind of a -- it really is kind of an issue that's really not as important as some of the other things that we should be -- we should be getting to the bottom of. >> it makes me suspicious when people start hiding things. but who knows. maybe we'll find out. we'll fine out or whatever but joe, thank you. >> thank you. >> this is absolutely horrible.
11:45 pm
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♪ honestly trwith secure wifie for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. >> more than 300 schoolgirls
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kidnapped. armed islamic militants draggling them away from their school in nigeria. 276 are still missing. heather, this story is practically unglues me it's so awful. >> everyone in the capitol is distraught. >> what's the latest. do they even know where these girls are? whether they're alive? is this ransom for real? >> i don't know about the ransom. we have gotten reports from the field about ransom requests and also the militants actually trying to sell the girls for wives for as little as $12. but all of those reports are unconfirmable. the latest is now the number of girls is growing. originally we were told it was 129 girls kidnapped. now they're saying it was almost 300 and most of them are still missing. >> how were they kidnapped?
11:50 pm
out of a dormitory in the middle of the night? >> no, apparently these girls were all in school. and the militants came to them dressed in uniform and told them there was going to be an attack. and this area is very volatile. it would be very easy for them to believe there would be a with the exception of two who were reportedly killed by snake bites, but there's no photographs or details or actual confirmation of this either. >> are the ones who kidnapped them? is it islamic militants proven
11:51 pm
or suspected? >> that's suspected. there's no other group in nigeria who would be suspected, and this group has in the past kidnapped women to use as their wives, as cooks, stuff like that. >> heather, thank you very much. i think there's a profoundly important story that everyone needs to pay attention to because this is absolutely cruel and awful. thank you. >> thank you so much. okay, let's go off the record. i have some advice for president obama. i know, he probably says he doesn't need it, but he might want to listen to this. tonight is the white house correspondents dinner. he's the guest of honor. he will be the roast of the media. that's what all the guests are supposed to do, roast the media, and yes, be funny. we've had funny moments. laura bush stole the show in 2005. >> i said to him the other day,
11:52 pm
george, if you really want to end tyranny in the world, you're going to have to stay up later. >> and president clinton was always funny. >> for $10,000, you can have a private meeting with vice president gore to discuss reinventing government. and for $20,000, you don't have to go. >> and president reagan. >> i remember the story of the fellow here a while ago running for congress as a republican. he stopped by a farm to do campaigning, when the farmer heard he was a republic nl, his job dropped and he said wait right here while i get ma. she's never seen a republican before. >> and president obama. >> i wasn't sure i should actually come tonight. biden talked me into it. he leaned over and he said, mr. president, this is no
11:53 pm
ordinary dinner. this is a big [ bleep ] meal. >> and president bush 43. >> ladies and gentlemen, here i am. here i am at another one of these dang press dinners. i'm absolutely delighted to be here. as is laura. she's hot. muy caliente. >> but the speechwriters went way too far at the correspondents dinner one year, making fun of not finding weapons of mass destruction in iraq. >> those weapons of mass
11:54 pm
destruction got to be somewhere. nope, no weapons over there. >> okay, some laughed, but it really wasn't funny, at all. so here's my advice to president obama. no benghazi jokes. there's absolutely nothing funny about benghazi. not even a smidgen of humor. that's my advice, and that's my off the record comment tonight. if you have an important story, issue you think i should take off the wire, tell us about it. and panic and fear under the streets of a major u.s. city.
11:55 pm
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a speed read our way through the news. a subway train with 1,000 people onboard derail in a new york city tunnel. eight cars jumped the track. more than a dozen people hurt.
11:59 pm
the rest evacuated through an emergency exit. and fox news announcing donald sterling is fighting prostate cancer. meantime, the nba is moving forward with its effort to get sterling to sell the clippers. the nba has banned him if life from for his racist rant. >> no, it's not the beatles. it's the royals. princes william and harry arriving in nashville. cameras catching them as they walked into a tennessee restaurant for a prewedding dinner. now to the u.k., british police launching a hunt, looking for five monkeys stolen from a zoo. some of the monkeys are endangered species and police warn the thieves may try to sell them. thanks. we'll see you monday night. right now, speaker newt gingrich
12:00 am
and i have a joint poll question. go and vote on our joint poll question. up next, "the tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." is donkey polo the sport of the future? brand-new evidence suggests these beasts may be some of the world's greatest athletes. plus, does the vice president think olive garden should start charging for unlimited bread sticks? >> for 25 years it has been free. it is long pastime, and it can be done. i'm serious. >> and finally is lou daabs pound for pound the best reporter in the business? none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> now let's welcome
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